To bring people around the world together to share their vision of peace. To commemorate the exact moment of the bombings of Hiroshima* and Nagasaki**.
*(8:15am, Aug 6th in Japan; 7:15pm, Aug 5th in NYC)
**(11:02am, Aug 9th in Japan; 10:02pm, Aug 8th in NYC)
To transform a remembrance of horror into a rededication to life


We invite your participation, no matter where you are, to join us in commemorating the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima which takes place on Wednesday, August 5th in the US (August 6th in Japan). Become part of our network of peace emissaries and let us know what you are planning to do. (www.facebook.com/ringbells4peace)
Suggested activities include:

  • Ring Bells!! Join A Peal for Peace Bell Project, invite churches to ring bells at the exact moment of the bombings.
  • Creating an event/concert with musicians, dancers, and speakers
  • Plan an interfaith service
  • Candle light ceremony at the exact moment of the bombing (7:15PM ET) (if possible ring: “Let There Be Peace on Earth”)
  • Meditation for Peace
  • Plant a Peace Pole (www.worldpeace.org)
  • Plant a Tree
  • Sign ourĀ Humanifesto