At this crucial moment in history with the possibility looming of using nuclear weapons again, we hold the following to be necessary for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to ensure basic human rights and responsibility for all:

  • Treat all with respect and decency, both socially and morally.
  • Stop the killing, torturing and exploiting of all fellow humans.
  • Embrace our diversities and respect different religious and cultural beliefs as long as they do not cause harm to others – by stopping discrimination of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Preserve Mother Earth and the right for all to have clean air, water and nutritious food. Protect the animals and forests.
  • Create affordable housing, education, and Universal health care for all.
  • This should be the priority, not the military.
  • Improve international dialog for the betterment for the entire earth by promoting conflict resolution instead of war.
  • Require government accountability and responsibility and stop pork barrel spending.
  • Foster corporate responsibility to protect the environment and support human growth.
  • Increase governmental and corporate funding for the arts and peace education.
  • Develop energy alternatives and stop oil dependency.
  • Preserve the world’s treasures created by nature and humankind.
  • Practice love, compassion, sharing and mindfulness.

Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it begin with Me.

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